Stockpile Inventory Surveys

SAI Gulf’s unique Laser Stockpile Surveying supplies customers with accurate inventory accounting in a timely manner. Unlike typical fly-over surveys, which are costly to perform and take weeks to report, SAI Gulf provides its survey report in a timely manner and at a reasonable rate. This provides our clients with the ability to economically conduct surveys more frequently for better control of their inventory.

We employ Laser survey equipment with the ability to measure to an accuracy of within one inch. Our surveys have typically been with-in +/- 3% of large inventories reported by truck, barge and rail weights.

We perform surveys for bulk terminals coast to coast (i.e. Martin Partnerships, Oxbow Marine, United Bulk Terminal, Savage Industries and Kinder Morgan). Our bulk commodity clients include BP Oil, Jacksonville Electric Authority, ExxonMobil Refining, Motiva Refining, Shell Refining and Valero Refining.

Since we are committed to continuous improvement, we are always searching for technological advances that will meet our client’s various needs. This survey technique has the additional benefit of delivering accurate results safely and at a reasonable cost.



McDuffie Terminal
Mobile, Alabama
Sampler: (251) 272-2623
Surveyor: (251) 272-2621
Louisiana Lab
LaPlace, Louisiana
Phone: (985) 652-6993
Fax: (985) 652-6898
Texas Lab
La Marque, Texas
Phone: (409) 948-4504
Fax: (409) 948-4046
United Bulk Terminal
Davant, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 682-6672
Fax: (504) 682-6673

Convent Marine Terminal
Convent, Louisiana
Phone: (985) 652-6993
Fax: (985) 652-6898
Impala Terminals Burnside
Darrow, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 310-5023
Fax: (504) 656-7313
International Marine Terminal
Myrtle Grove, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 310-5023
Fax: (504) 656-7313
Deepwater Terminal
LaMarque, Texas
Phone: (409) 948-4504
Fax: (409) 948-4046

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